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Congratulations on the establishment of Hengyang Hongda Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Date:2019年3月5日 15:01

Hengyang Hongda Precision Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. is founded in July 2018,locates in Hengyang Yunji Development Park,which is famous for Hengshan,one of China’s five great mountains.The geographical location of our factory is excellent and the transport condition is convenient. S80 Hengshao Expressway, G0421 Xuguang Expressway, S51 Nanyue Expressway, G4 Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Expressway, G72 Quannan Expressway, G60 Shanghai-Kunming Expressway, 107 National Highway, 322 National Highway, 214 Provincial Highway.Beijing-Guangzhou Railway,and Hunan-Guangxi Railway,that all only 8 km from Yunji Development Park..The Hengyang East Railway Station of the Wuguang High-speed Railway through the east of the park. It is less than 5 km from Yunji Development Park to Hengyang Nanyue Airport. and is also closeing to the Thousand tonnage wharf of Yunji.


We are a professional manufacturer of precison seamless pipes.

The firstly,our pipes have high precisions.

● Minimum tolerance of  the inner and outer diameter is +/-0.03mm.

 Minimum tolerance of  the wall thickness is +/-3%.

● Minimum ellipticity is 0.03mm .

 The straightness can meets the customer's requirements.

Secondly,our pipes have good quality of the inner and outer surfaces of the pipes. High-precision cold-drawning and cold-rolling tubes are widely used in precision machinery and equipment manufacturing.


Human advantages:

We have 10 heat treatment engineers.They have strong product development ability in steel product.We have a professional management team with rich management experience.


Product advantages:

Firstly,the range of product sizes is ODΦ10mm-Φ720mm,WT 0.8-40mm. The unit length can achieve 26m which the OD below of 32mm.And the unit length of other sizes are less than 14m.


Secondly,we can produce various product specifications.such as following standard and specifications.

API 5CT:J55,N80-1,N80-Q,L80,C90T95P110Q125 etc.




GB/T9948:10#20#15CrM12Cr1MoV12Cr2Mo12Cr5MoI12Cr9Mo etc.

Automotive shock absorbers and mechanical tubes:35#45#45Mn240Cr35CrMo etc.

Pipes for hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic supports:20#35#45#27SiMn etc.

The American standard ASTM/ASME:T11T12T22T91T92


Equipment advantages:

We are ready to purchase the following equipment :

Two piercing machines,

Two 20T double-chain cold drawing machines,

One 20T single-chain cold drawing machine,

Two 40T cold drawing machines,

One 65T cold drawing machine,

One 100T cold drawing machine,

One 500T cold drawing machine,

Six 60φ cold rolling machines

Two 90 φ cold rolling machines,

Ten 20 φ high speed cold rolling machines,

Two six-roll straightening machines,

Two ultrasonic eddy current flaw detectors,

One oxidation-free annealing furnace,

One heat treatment furnace for tempering and tempering,

One hydraulic press ure tst machine,


The range of product sizes is ODΦ10mm-Φ720mm.The unit length can achieve 26m which the OD below of 32mm.The annual output is expected to be 80, 000 tons, of which 40, 000 tons of precision pipes, 10, 000 tons of super-long pipe.


The project of cold-drawing and cold-rolling precision pipe of our company have been included in Hengyang important project and it is plan to be put into production in July 2019.

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