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        • Product name: GB Steel pipe
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        • 上架时间: 2017-04-28
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        (1)Typical application:Mechanical parts, pipe fittings

        applicable standards:GB/T8162 Grade:10#, 20#, 10#, 20Mn, 15CrMo, Q235, Q275, Q345,  Q390


        (2)Typical application:Conveying the general gas, liquid

        applicable standards:GB/T8163 Grade:10#, 20#,Q295, Q345, Q390


        (3)Typical application:Low and medium pressure boiler heating tube, boiler header and steam pipe

        applicable standards:GB/T3087  Grade:10#, 20#


        (4)Typical application:Manufacture of high and above pressure steam boiler seamless pipe

        applicable standards:GB/T5310 Grade:20G, 20MnG, 25MnG


        (5)Typical application:Use for high-pressure fertilizer equipment and pipes

        applicable standards:GB6479 Grade:10#, 20#,16Mn


        (6)Typical application:For oil refinery cracking furnace

        applicable standards:GB9948 Grade:10#, 20#,1Cr5Mo


        Typical size:OD:323mm-720mm     WT:6.35mm-40mm

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